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Updated: May 20, 2021

Hello ALL CGAA Baseball Families,

On May 13, 2021, Governor Walz announced the end of Minnesota’s statewide face-covering requirement.

On May 20, 2021, the Minnesota Department of Health updated its guidance for "COVID-19 Organized Sports Practice and Games Guidance for Youth and Adults" (see PDF below).

Masks are no longer required for and at all outdoor baseball settings, subject to any local restrictions (of which there are none in Cottage Grove). Athletes, coaches and spectators are still encouraged to socially distance, and masks and social distancing are encouraged for any unvaccinated person while outdoors.

CGAA Baseball will continue to follow previously communicated and shared protocols for reporting any positive tests and confirmed close contact exposures, both of which are required to be reported to CGAA Baseball President Tim Kaplan. 
A link to the CGAA Baseball COVID reporting form is below. CGAA Baseball will follow the positive testing and close contact quarantine procedures outlined by MDH.

Please direct any questions to CGAA Baseball President Tim Kaplan. His contact information is below.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Go Wolfpack!

CGAA Baseball COVID-19 Reporting Form

CGAA Baseball COVID-19 Reporting Form

Please use this form to communicate positive COVID tests, confirmed positive exposures and confirmed negative COVID tests after a confirmed positive exposure to CGAA Baseball.

Returning to Play for Close Contacts and Tracing

CGAA Baseball will follow all MDH quarantine and testing guidelines for returning to play in the event of a close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. A link to the MDH website with complete details is below.

One relevant example to share is a player being contact traced and sent home from school due to a classmate testing positive. In this specific situation, CGAA Baseball will follow the guidelines in the section titled below should a player wish to return before the standard 14-day quarantine period. Under certain conditions and a negative COVID-19 test: 7-day quarantine.

This guideline allows a player to get PCR tested at least FIVE (5) full days after the close contact. NO RAPID TESTS ARE PERMITTED. If a negative test result is received and other conditions are met (see website), the player can return to activities on DAY EIGHT (8).

Please complete the CGAA Baseball COVID Reporting Form a second time once you have your PCR test result. Parents should also email a copy of the negative test result to CGAA President Tim Kaplan at Please cross out and de-identify any personal information not related to sharing the actual negative result. Please enter "Negative COVID Test - Player's Name" in the Subject Line of your email. Tim Kaplan will then confirm with the player's coach they are allowed back on the field.

A player cannot end his quarantine before seven days for any reason.

MDH Close Contacts and Tracing

Review this link for additional details and conditions about returning to the play of field in the event of a close contact, including all conditions that must be met.

Tim Kaplan

CGAA Baseball President