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In House League

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The CG Hotline can also be used to inquire on field availability due to weather conditions at 651-458-6060



CGBA In-House Baseball

CGBA Baseball Field Maps

Below you will find a map of the fields used in CGBA Baseball.  If you click the icon on a point of the map, you will see the field name, description and address.  You can grab the map and move it or zoom.  If you click our link to the map, you can email a map to a fan!

CGBA Fields Map with Legend

The below map is quick and easy to use. If you would like more detail, click this link and you will have a map with more options and a legend.

Cassi Ruhnau

In-House Baseball Director

In House Baseball Directors

Sarah Sivanich

In-House Baseball Director

Open Position

T-Ball Commissioner

For any questions regarding any of the T-Ball leagues, please contact our In House Directors.

Open Position


For any questions regarding the Pitchball league please contact our In House Directors.

Open Position

Pee Wee Commissioner

For any questions regarding the Pee Wee league please contact our In House Directors.

Open Position

Minors Commissioner

For any questions regarding the Minors league please contact our In House Directors.

2019 In-House League Information

CGBA Baseball In-House programs offers Baseball for age's 4-12
The age cut off date is April 30th.

Age 4 Wee Tee's

Age 5 Instructional Tee Ball

Age 6 Traditional Tee Ball

Age's 7 and 8 Pitchball

Age's 9 and 10 PeeWee

Age's 11 and 12 Minors.

Wee Tees

Wee Tees is a program offered to 4 year old children to provide them with the basics of the game of baseball.  The program is held typically held on four Saturdays in the month of June.  Participants will be provided with jerseys.


We have 2 levels of T-ball offered during the week in our program: Instructional (5 year olds) and Traditional (6 year olds). 

Instructional T-ball (Monday's and Wednesday's) is an introduction to the game for 5 year olds.  Players learn positions and the general concept of the game.  Score is not emphasized.

Traditional T-ball (Tuesday's and Thursday's) is for 6 year olds and is step two in moving towards "real" baseball.  Score is kept and is a step in preparing players for the Pitchball league.

Pitchball (7 & 8 Year Olds)

Pitchball (offered either Monday and Wednesday as American League or on Tuesday's and Thursday's as National League) is the next step in the baseball education.  It involves hitting balls pitched from a machine.  Although not perfect the machines offer a more consistent pitch for the players rather than relying on a coach's pitching skill.  Players rotate through all positions and learn the fun of hitting the ball and running the bases.  We have an end of the year tournament to show off their skills they learned throughout the season.

PeeWees (9 & 10 Year Olds)

Pee Wees (offered either Monday and Wednesday as the American League or Tuesday and Thursday as the National League) introduces the aspect of kids pitching to kids. It also begins to introduce and strenghten all other phases of the game.  We have an end of the year tournament to show off their new skills developed throughout the season.

Minors (11 & 12 Year Olds)

Minors (offered on Monday's/Wednesday's only) - is our final in-house stage of baseball training.  It adds in all the phases of the game in order to prepare the players for the next step of baseball.  This league also has an end of the year tournament.

13-15 Year Olds

We have baseball opportunities for all our young men in these age groups through traveling baseball teams.  We try to equally spread out the boys on teams made up of players registering in the spring and any who were not placed on a team from fall tryouts.

Park High School

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