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Cottage Grove Baseball Board

Board Elections

Updated September 30, 2021

A number of CGAA Baseball Board positions are up for election this year. These positions (descriptions below) include:

President, Traveling Director, In-House Director, Fields Director and Budget Director

All positions are two-year terms, with the exception of the Traveling Director, which is a one-year term.

Additionally, CGAA Baseball is looking for more help with the in-house program – seeking commissioners for our T-Ball, Pitchball, Pee Wees and Minors leagues – to partner with the In-House Director.

Board elections will be held on October 16 during CGAA Baseball's annual coaches appreciation dinner. This event also will serve as the division's monthly board meeting.

Any interested parties should email Tim Kaplan to apply (or with more questions) no later than October 9, 2021. Please put "CGAA Baseball Board Application" in the subject line of your email. Tim's contact information can be found on this page below by clicking the mail icon.

Please remember that these individuals are volunteers and they will return your call or email as soon as possible. Be sure you leave your phone number.

Tim Kaplan


CGAA Baseball President

The President oversees all directors of the division. They are responsible for running division meetings and they are the baseball representative at the main board meetings. Other responsibilities are community projects and player and coaching development in conjunction with the Park baseball program.

Scott Erickson

Traveling Director

Traveling Director

The Traveling Director oversees the traveling program.  They are responsible for working with MBL, our traveling league organization, to set up teams and tournaments.  Additionally, he coordinates and manages traveling coaches, level directors and the traveling tryout process.

Cassi Ruhnau

In-House Director

In-House Director

The In-House Director handles most aspects of the in-house program. They oversee the leagues, team rosters, direct in-house coaches and manage the in-house tournaments.

T-Ball Leagues Commissioner

For any questions regarding Wee Tees, Instructional T-Ball or Traditional T-Ball, please contact the President. The T-Ball Leagues Commissioner is currently an open position.

Pitchball Commissioner

For any questions regarding the Pitchball leagues please contact the division President. The Pitchball League Commissioner is currently an open position.

Pee Wee League Commissioner

For any questions regarding the Pee Wee leagues please contact the division President.  The Pee Wee League Commissioner is currently an open position.

Minors League Commissioner

For any questions regarding the Minors leagues please contact the division President.  The Minors League Commissioner is currently an open position.

Matt McMorrow

Budget Director

Budget Director

The Budget Director is the treasurer for the division. They are responsible for writing checks and accounting for all funds and expenses. The Budget Director also prepares a monthly reconciliation presented at each board meeting.

Joe Venaglia

Fields Director

Fields Director

The Fields Director is in charge of finding volunteers to handle field projects. They arrange for repairs to field equipment, base pegs and batting cages. They also supervise the schedule for traveling and in-house field use and maintain a schedule for games and practices.

Shane Waterman

Equipment Director

Equipment Director

The Equipment Director manages the equipment for the in-house and traveling teams. They maintain an inventory and order equipment for both traveling and in-house teams.

Sarah Sivanich

Registrations Director

Registrations Director

The Registration Director oversees all registrations and collection of funds and scholarships.  Additionally, they ensure all players are in the system.

Josh Nienow

Umpires Director

Umpires Director

The Umpires Director arranges umpires for all in-house games requiring an umpire.  They recruit and train umpires and work with the Budget Director to make sure umpires are paid. 

Jon Zurbey

Communications Director

Communications Director

The Communications Director manages Cottage Grove Baseball membership communications and is responsible for recording board meeting minutes.

2022 Level Advisors

The Level Advisors support the Traveling Director and help manage and coordinate the traveling baseball program at each of their respective levels.  They serve as direct contacts for all traveling coaches and parents within their level.

Justin Hennum

15 Year-Old Level Advisor

Adam Sease

13 Year-Old Level Advisor

JIm Rostad

11 Year-Old Level Advisor

Open Role Contact Tim Kaplan

9 Year-Old Level Advisor

Ron Tobias

14 Year-Old Level Advisor

Pete Olichwier

12 Year-Old Level Advisor

Anthony LeMay

10 Year-Old Level Advisor


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