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2021 Traveling Vision & Goals (With Park Baseball)

Shared Vision = Success = True Impact


  • Develop boys into young men who are mentally tough and possess high character.
  • Further establish Cottage Grove as a strong/competitive baseball community.
  • Integrate all of Cottage Grove baseball from in-house to traveling to high school.


Immerse high school baseball program and coach to:

  • Share and promote player development. 
  • Administer traveling-level player evaluations.
  • Share and promote coaching tools, programs and practice plans.

Place “team-first philosophy” coaches at all levels.

  • Empower level directors to help identify and train coaches (AAA, AA, A).
  • Develop and support a system where traveling coaches earn their spot based on experience, attitude, teaching ability, commitment to high school baseball vision, building character, etc.
  • Better support in-house coaches as a precursor for future player and coaching development.

Engage boys in building a strong program and baseball community.

  • Promote a culture of earn: earn your spot and earn your opportunities for advancement.
  • Demonstrate respect and gratitude to coaches, team and parents.
  • Take pride in the program and stay engaged through high school.
  • Play at a high level with class and lead by example every day.

Involve parents to actively support and participate in the program and community.

  • Support placement of your son at the identified level
  • Championship program and baseball community: recognize effort and progress; encourage and support players, coaches and team.
  • Stay involved at home.


Coach McGowan
Park HS Baseball

Tim Kaplan
CGAA Baseball President

Scott Erickson
Traveling Director